Resume Ignored? No Interviews? Here's What to Do Right NOW.

Part 1: Simple Cover Letter changes to make today to get better results fast

You've been applying, but aren't getting interviews. Why not? Take a deep breath, it's going to be ok! Here are some simple changes you can make right away to improve your Cover Letter & Resume! (No resume or no time for editing? No problem! Leave it to pros & exhale! The experts at are so effective after 20 years in business (A+ BBB rating!) that they even offer a 100% Interview guarantee! We've affiliated with them after years of research into the best services. Check them out!)

If you're going it alone, whether your Cover letter & Resume just need a little tweaking, or a total overhaul, there are some simple changes you can make RIGHT NOW to get better results. Read on for Part 1 of our two part series. Follow us so you don't miss Part II next week!

Part 1: Cover Letters- "The Four E's"

Examine your Cover Letter. Have you kept it short, simple & targeted to the specific role you are applying for? Resist the urge to relay your entire life story! Your cover letter should be a clear, compelling statement of the value that you will bring to the company & should be no more than one page. A "Greeting" sentence, 2 or 3 short paragraphs of content, followed by a friendly close.

Express your enthusiasm for the company in a specific way to illustrate your desire to work with THEM. Cover letters should be individually tailored (at least a little bit) for each company you apply to! You can create a basic template to re-use, but take the care to modify it for each employer.

Do some research on the company website or search press releases to find an interesting fact, then use it to highlight your own knowledge/experience. Example: "The goal of XYZ company to expand market share in the Automotive Industry is a perfect match for my experience-I increased Automotive business for my current employer by 42% "

Pro-Tip: Pull a "required" or "preferred" skillset from the job description & specifically spotlight your expertise in that area. Example: "The position requirements appear to be a great fit for my skills! I'll bring 4 years of CATIA experience, as well as 3 years experience of using PRO-E in my current role."

Key: What will YOU do for THEM? Eliminate as many "I" statements as you can & replace them with "You" statements. Example: Instead of "I'm looking for a company where I can use my customer service skills" Try this: "Your team is looking for strong customer service skills. I'll bring a positive attitude along with five years of Customer Service experience in a high-pressure environment. "

Edit, then Edit again! Keep it short, focused. Check to be sure you've addressed it to the correct company & take care to use the correct name & spelling of the organization. "Dear XYZ Hiring Team" or "Dear Hiring Manager" are appropriate greetings. "Hi & Hey" are generally reserved for addressing more familiar or casual circumstances.

Paragraphs should be short. Avoid lengthy run on sentences. You are working to catch their eye, not put them to sleep!

Edit, then step away for a bit before reading it again. Once you've reviewed it several times it's advisable to ask a friend to take a look as well. They'll often spot grammatical errors or other issues that might remain. Use spell-check.

End it. No really! End it! Resist the urge to go on to a second page.

Finish with a friendly, enthusiastic closing statement. Example: "Thank you for the opportunity to apply, I'm excited about the next steps in the process! I can be reached via email, text or phone 123-456-7891."

"Sincerely" , "Respectfully", "Best Regards" or "Thank you for your consideration" are appropriate endings. Avoid using overly familiar phrases like "yours" or "cheers".

You've just improved your cover letter! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series--where we'll help improve your Resume!

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